Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Matchbox Collection} Regular Wheels from the 1960's

Matchbox Collection
Regular Wheels from the 1960's

One of my favorite things that come into the pawn shop are personal collections. I love getting to research the items and learn new things. A collection of Matchbox Cars from  the 1960's came out of pawn recently. It is going to be the topic of one of a new 15-week segment called {Matchbox Monday} where I am going to feature five cars in the collection, totaling 75 cars. Most of these cars are near mint condition and each one comes in an original box. It truly is a beautiful collection that I am excited to learn about and share with you.

I purchased a book Collecting Matchbox Regular Wheels, 1953-1969 by Charlie Mack, it has a lot of great information on the cars in this collection. Since something as simple as the color of interior on the car can change the value drastically it has come in very handy.

These items has not yet been priced; however, we are always entertaining offers. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions.

Please visit our eBay Store for other items that we have for sale. Keep your eye out for next weeks {Matchbox Monday} posting.
Collecting Matchbox Regular Wheels, 1953-1969
Collecting Matchbox Regular Wheels, 1953-1969

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